Providing access & connectivity in private markets

CoinShares Capital is a registered broker dealer focused on providing investment opportunities in companies not available to the general public. We work with a variety of clients and issuers, including institutional placements, late stage direct company capital raises, and late stage secondary opportunities, as well as private offerings from innovative companies and funds.

Our mission is to partner with select investment managers and product sponsors to provide clients with suitable investment opportunities. Our experienced team works closely with issuers and investors to conduct extensive diligence.

While navigating the world of private placements can be daunting, our team at CoinShares Capital is committed to leveraging our extensive network and industry insights to deliver exceptional client service.

Services we provide

  • Provide issuers and investors our experience and insights
  • Introduce investment opportunities to investors
  • Perform investor verification and support subscription process
  • Conduct objective, transparent, and balanced due diligence
  • Support the fundraising process and investor engagement

Get in touch

If you are a company, investment firm, or investor looking to learn more about CoinShares Capital, you can email or call us at any time, or complete this brief form to have one of our registered representatives reach out to you for more information.

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